Akaushi (“Red Cow”) is one of four indigenous breeds of wagyū, which simply means Japanese cattle. The breeds have been genetically improved for almost a century already and their meat originally called Kobe beef, due to the cattle breeds coming mainly from Japan's Kobe area. Kobe beef, in general, is considered a delicacy due to its tender and rich flavor. Texture is fatty but well-marbled.

Today, most of the cattles belong to the Akaushi breed that has been found to be consistently high in quality of carcass and palatability traits and to bring hybrid vigor. It produces beef that is quite superior to all popular cow meat, even those from Western-bred cattle. Akaushi beef is most palatable and considered the healthiest (especially to the heart) due to high concentrations of oleic acid, the major fatty acid in olive oil and canola oil. Unlike a lot of meat, it can actually result to lower cholesterol and weight loss, as well as possibly prevent coronary heart disease. The flavor is rich and buttery, the tenderness consistent all throughout.

Right now, Akaushi beef is being produced and marketed outside Japan. But it isn't Akaushi if it isn't Kobe. For the best cattle beef in the world, get it only from the best source. That is why we bring to the world hormone-free, highest-quality beef from the real line of Akaushi cattle. Born and raised in Kobe, our meat are naturally authentic Akaushi. It has all the characteristics of the Akaushi beef you know of, only much, much better! We produce them following strict humane-handling standards, quality guidelines and excellent production system. Our products are guaranteed premiums and branded by countries' Agriculture departments. They all come from animals that have been DNA-verified.

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